Sunday, December 6, 2015


Not much to report. The weather has been really nice here. It hardly feels like December and it's been nearly impossible to get into the Christmas spirit. 

I am anxiously awaiting the beginning of kidding season and still trying to get all the girls bred. Trixie (above) looks like she's having twins this year. Thank goodness. I did not want to deal with more triplets and toxemia on her.
I'm afraid Kat is carrying quads.  She is way bigger than she was with the triplets last year. She's due January 30.
Love Song aborted a couple weeks ago. She was back in heat yesterday. I am hoping we can get her rebred. Betty Buttercup must have absorbed her AI pregnancy. After a positive pregnancy test, she went back into heat at 32 days and then short cycled three weeks in a row. I'm hoping she's finally bred now.

Aren't these gray eggs the coolest things you've ever seen?