Thursday, September 20, 2012

Marginally Better Milk Maid

When we were visiting with Dave yesterday, he asked if I was hand milking Kat out each day. Apparently, the hand pump doesn't work so well this time of year. What would I do without a mentor!?

When I got home that night I milked the does until the hand pump quit, then got out the bucket. What you see above is what I got from Kat after after the pump gave out. He thinks by doing this, I'll be able to build supply back up some (if I don't give myself carpel tunnel first).

I am by no means fast at hand milking, but I am becoming more proficient.

P.S. Did I mention how bad Kat still smells after being perfumed with Eau Du Buck? If I get a buck, he's going to have to live far from the house!

1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of milk. And that's after pumping and then hand milking? I hand milk all the time. My friend has Jersey cows and she has a milk pump. Her cows always look like they need milked right after milking. I had no idea. I have to bump my goats udders at least 5 times to get all the milk out. I want to make sure every last drop is in the bucket. I know what ya mean about the buck smell. I have 2 of them! Between the chicken manure all over and the buck stink, it is not pleasant out here in the country right now!