Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Whole Lotta Crying Going On

Yesterday I came out for morning milking to be greeted by the smiling faces of my three little doelings out with the general population. Either the dog or the does managed to unlatch the gate to to girls' pen and free the prisoners. A gallon of milk- gone. 

I'd been meaning to get the girls moved all week but needed to put a little work into their shelter first as we had a chance of showers all week and I wanted them a bit more protected from the elements. 

While I was having another bang-up morning at the farmers market, my sweet hubby worked on their shelter. 

I moved them when I got home. Let me tell you, they are not happy about it! Kat and Buttercup are telling for their girls, and the girls are crying for their mamas. 

Kat's baby, Dagny, is only 8 weeks old, so I plan of giving her a bottle each day for a another week or so (even though she's already as big as 12 week Opal), but she was having none of that last night. Lulu, Buttercup's daughter, kept attacking me with muddy little hooves as I tried to get Dagny to drink. Lulu is crazy.

I have DHI testing this week, so want these mamas to stop holding up so I can have a better month than last month. May wasn't good at all. We had new goats show up here so they were all out of sorts. 

This is Kat after milking this morning. I know what her udder looks like when it's empty and this is not it. I'm tired of fighting with her for every drop.

I dropped a whole chunk of chaffhaye on this milking stand. Looks like a mess.


  1. Oh, I have had escapees. Lucky for them they are so cute :)

  2. Sounds like someone wants what is on the other side of your gate!! I have a horse that can get outta a locked door.
    Happy milking!!