Monday, August 17, 2015


Things seem to be headed in the right direction for us this summer. Whiskey Baron, the buck I brought in from New Jersey to be Bubba's buddy, has really surprised me. First I got notice that he is one of 15 lamancha bucks accepted into ADGA's Young Sire Development Program this year. Then I learned that his dam popped up as number one Lamancha on the Elite Doe list. 

Boy, oh boy am I excited for his kids!

As if that's not exciting enough, I put a deposit on a 2016 buck from a herd I really admire in Washington State. I just heard from them and I get first choice from my top choice does! I really hope my top pick has a boy! I am on cloud nine thinking about it. More info on that later- I don't want to jinx anything. 

Many of the girls born here in 2016 will be staying here. I will be selling a couple of milkers come spring.

Bubba and Whiskey. My plan is for these two and the Washington buck to be here long term. We will be doing a bit of line breeding in the next several years now that we have some truly excellent genetics to play around with.
Bubba showing off. I don't give him enough credit. He is really growing up as nicely as Whiskey Baron. I will be breeding him to Herd Queen and my personal favorite, Kat.

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