Thursday, September 3, 2015

Love is in the Air

The Bucks had a big day yesterday. Kat was in season. Then, not to be left out, her BFF Trixie went into heat too. This is the earliest I've ever had them cycle. 
These boys were a stinky, sweating, panting, blubbering mess all day. 
Goat picture
Both the bucklings figured out what they were supposed to be doing, although they did find the wrong end of the doe a few times.

Here's to hoping both girls settled and we get end of January kids! 

Eleven more to go. 


  1. Hey you mentioned in another post that you give them copper bolus? Where do you get them? Or do you make your own? The ones I bought off line are too big in my opinion

    1. I use the Copasure Boluses and give them in a marshmallow. Here's a good link showing how I give them:

      These are the boluses.

      I buy the 4g and only put half a capsule in a marshmallow for smaller goats.