Monday, July 2, 2012


It's been busy around the farm. I have finally settled down about the goats and no longer feel like a walking panic attack. It helps that they have a shelter now and are respecting their fences.
This is the one-time play ground turned chicken coop/ goat shelter. That's the way we roll around here.
The meaty birds are doing great. I am setting a tentative butcher date of July 21 for the first batch. Just for comparison, here is a picture of the Cornish X and a picture of the Marans chicks. The Marans are a week older!

One Marans chick hatched last night. I need to check on the other broody. I wish I'd given these mamas more eggs because 2 babies is all I expect.
Clyde the duck got a friend yesterday, a Mallard named Clay. My son told me "I picked the smallest one so it would last longer". Does it make me a bad mother that my son expects we'll eat his pet?

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  1. Hahahaha my mother in law told me about him picking the smallest one so you wouldn't eat it so soon :) too funny!!