Thursday, September 5, 2013

Goat Birds and Bees

I decided yesterday afternoon that it was time for a goat mixer. Last time I tried introducing the boys to the girls, only Ike seemed to have any idea of what to do with the business end of a doe.

I brought Magnum, the lamancha boy, out first. He applied goat cologne (peed on himself) right away, and started flirting with the ladies, especially Fawn the minimancha doeling who acts like a preteen girl around Justin Bieber when Magnum is near. He tried to mount Fawn, which I can't allow because she's too young and not really my goat anyway.

I am so relieved that he's figuring out what his job is. One of my BFF's is looking to AI her goats and has asked if I want her to order semen for me. The guy she's ordering from has lamancha semen from Raven's Haven- which is where Magnum is from. Why would I pay for their semen when I already bought one of their bucks?!

Here's the poor guy with the 3 girls I want him to breed this fall. He may need a step stool!

I then put Ike with Scilla and Abe with Phoebe. Abe mounted Phoebe several times before I put him back with the bucks because she'd walked away. As soon as I put him back into his pen, Phoebe ran across the pasture to be near him. I guess she was playing hard to get.

Here are all my crazy bucks with their head stuck in a bucket. Come on boys, that's no way to impress the ladies.

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