Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Case for Small Dairy

This is one of the reasons I choose not to eat dairy from huge producers. I am not fan of PETA and the like, but there is no excuse for animals to be treated this way.

And look at the filth. Of course you need to pasteurize this stuff not to kill people.

This is a 5,000 cow operation. There is simply no way to manage the health of that many animals and really know what's going on with each one.

Warning, it's disturbing.

Here's the rest of the story.


  1. Gross! Those people are horrible!!!!!

  2. Kristin,there's noway I can watch this. I know what big daries look like and what has to go on in them. I am totally in support of small daries. We just went by last night and got milk from my friend's 2 cows. It's good, but it's not goat milk. It will have to do til my goats kid in 4 months. I also will get milk from our Whole Foods here that has milk from a small dairy in Knoxville, Cruz Dairy. They pasturize only. So it still has good cream on top. But this makes me sick and sad to know that these poor dairy cows are treated so bad. With so many cows, there is no way to know what's going on. It's so sad. And to think that our government supports large daries like this and is trying to shut down small farms, disgusts me to no end. I think it's time for a protest up there in the big town.

    1. I agree, goat is so much better, but at least you have an alternative up there. I looked at The Fresh Market here a couple years ago, but all they had was ultra-pasteurized organic milk. I wonder if they have more options now.

      I was watching a documentary on milk the other day and they had the owner of a 7,000 cow operation. It's just insane!