Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Will I ever get the garden in?" and Other Things Keeping Me Busy

My new goats finally got here from Florida on Friday. My sweet husband was working in Live Oak that week and met the breeder there to save me the trip. I am such a goat addict, I couldn't resist this cute little yearling.

This is Maddy:

Deuce, my new buckling:

And Star, who is more horse than goat:
I am a bit worried about her. She is not eating well for me. She will eat hay all day, but just nibbles her grain on the stand. She's only giving a bit more than a half gallon a day. I ran a CMT on her and got some gelling. She had a low somatic cell count on her April milk test and milked about 10 pounds! 

In case there is a subclinical infection, I added a third milking in for her yesterday and rubbed her udder down each time with herbal salve and essential oils. 

My new cheese press finally came. Thank you USPS for the crunched box and the 20 day shipping time from NJ. 

My garden is starting to grow but I can't seem to get it all planted! I still have beans, sweet potatoes, and okra to get in. I can't believe the beets and carrots germinated after 30 days. It's really limiting my space. My goal is to get at least one row of beans in today. 

As many of my long-time readers know, my beehives collapsed last year. While I was getting ready for market yesterday, I noticed bee activity out my kitchen window and went to investigate. 

Sure enough, bees were moving into the house at the corner of the bay window! Oh no! I have a hard time killing honeybees, but I cannot have a hive in my kitchen wall.

On my way home from market last night, I called up a beekeeper friend of mine. He and his family came out to inspect. He thought it looked like there were just starting to move into the spot and set up a nuc on the roof of the bay window. We had to lower it down from the bathroom window above, but that's another story. 

With a little luck, the bees will decide that the nuc box is a much nicer location and abandon my wall. He will get a new hive out of the deal. Maybe he'll give me a jar of honey. Cross your fingers!

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  1. Beautiful new goats :))))
    I hope you catch those bees before they move into your house. I need to check my swarm traps but every time I head out there a snake crosses my path so I abandon the whole thing. This weekend I will make the hubs walk with me. I'm scared to death of snakes :p