Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry Christmas

Where has the time gone? I feel like we just hosted Thanksgiving here and now I am running out of time to get Christmas together.

We have been frantically decorating and cleaning up for a family party tomorrow. Hubby's extended family hasn't been down here in years and he's excited for them to see all the changes to the farm.I am starting to remember why I don't homeschool in December, but unfortunately I really need to this year as we are a bit behind on our language arts work.

Milking is winding down. I have dried up 2 of my does and need to dry two more next week. Kidding will start in mid-February this year. I am too excited! Check out this baby belly.This is Kat who earned a "Superior Genetics" designation from ADGA this fall.

I should have lots of kids available in the spring, so take a look at my Dairy Goats and Goats for Sale tabs. I will also be offering unregistered bottle bucklings for $50 as long as they are picked up before they are 10 days old.

My dad had to have surgery last month. Fortunately, he seems to be recovering well. He and my mom helped to install wood floors in my bedroom. That's been a big project!
I've been doing a bit of mushroom hunting. 
And deer hunting....

And in my other spare time, have learned to tan the hides. Do you think it's time for some "down time" now?

In case I don't update this again before Christmas, I hope y'all have a blessed holiday.


  1. That is one big belly.

    Geee can you tan my steer hide for me? ; )
    I have been saving the salted hide from my steer, but haven't been able to process it. It is soooo big and we couldn't get it to bend to get it into a water trough to soak. People make it look so easy. What they don't tell you is "Dry hide no bend!". I've decided that since it is softened up with the foggy wet weather we are having, that I'm going to try laying it out on the back porch and scraping it with my moms big meat cleaver (I think that's what it is). It's the only thing I have to use. Any advice?

    1. That is an ambitious project for your first tanning job. There is a tanning group on Facebook with some good information. I used the tanning formula you can buy in the orange bottle. It seemed to do the trick.

      Fleshing is the hardest part to me. Especially when you get down to that membrane. I can never seem to get it all off.