Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mushroom Hunting in the Beaver Ruin

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I decided to go for a hike and do some mushroom hunting. I hit the "Beaver Ruin" first since it is absolutely full of dead trees.  It is amazing how destructive beavers are. 
Some of these trees are too big to put my arms around. Not too big for them to take down though. 
 This is not a place you want to be stuck in a wind storm, or even a breezy day! These trees aren't dormant, they are dead. 
Walking in this grass is treacherous. It is hiding fallen trees.
Ah, success.  Some of the oysters were a bit past prime. I should have hunted last week.
But I still managed to fill a basket. 
Predator prints...
And a big deer!

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