Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Leaf Cutter Ants

I am losing my mind! I had a new breed of ant appear in my garden last fall and they are driving me crazy. They're some sort of leaf cutter ant.

Here they are on a potato. Since they arrived on the scene, I have not been able to grow any lettuce or carrots- they eat off the seedlings as soon as they emerge. They have eaten 4 potatoes, numerous collards, 2 Japanese eggpplants, half my cucumber seedlings, and the equivalent of 2 rows of bean seedlings.

Did I mention that they bite too?! Does anyone have any ideas to control them?

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  1. Never had those kind of ants. But we do have ant problems here. I read that if you take a shovel full of ants from two hills and swap them, that they will fight to death. I tried it in my garden and I went out the next day to check. No ants.
    Its the only thing I have found to work other than the syrup poison stations, and that gets expensive real quick.