Friday, May 17, 2013

Udderly Fabulous

Phoebe freshened with the prettiest udder. I just started locking Ike away from her at night so I can milk her. I got a bit more than a quart this morning. I didn't strip her dry so Ike could have some breakfast.

Onyx is milking great for me too. Her girls are so pitiful crying for her in the morning. It breaks my heart. She decided to move in this picture so her right side is a little smooshed against her leg. I'll have to get a better picture.

I love having milk! I have been making cheese. I have been filling my cereal bowl to the brim. I can't wait to try some yogurt.


  1. I've had to milk my girl every day since she kidded. Her teats would leak milk like a faucet and her udder was huge. I'm getting a little less now since little man has started eating better. I'm going to make soap today ☺


  2. We are going to have to start taking the kids away at night so I can get more milk so I can make more cheese :)
    We have been making lots of yogurt!
    It it nice having all of that milk.

  3. Looks good! Goat cheese is great! DO you make soap too?

  4. Isn't is funny that as farmers we can bet excited about some of the darndest things ?
    Happy yogurt, kefir, and cheesemaking !

  5. Very nice udders. I know you are enjoying all that good milk right now.