Friday, June 7, 2013

Coccidiosis Sucks

Can I get every single goat issue there is? I sure feel like it. Miscarriage, mastitis, acidosis, toxemia, still-births.... It seems like God means for me to learn every last thing about goats in my first year with them.  Did I mention that our vet texted me while I was on vacation to ask what drenches I gave Trixie to keep her alive? Seems she had another case of a goat with toxemia. I got a kick out of giving the vet advice.

I am still treating the boys for coccidia. They are improving everyday, but I'm so sick of scours. It's nasty. I'm tired of having to bathe them off each day. I'm sick of the smell. I'm tired of shoving syringes full if antibiotics and pepto down goats' throats. I'm tired of wearing half of what I'm trying to give them. I'm tired of going out to milk to find that one of my does has slept in a pile of nasty and having to bathe her before I can milk her.

I have been treating all of the other kids as well even though they are asymptomatic. I know with as much poo as Magnum and Bogo are spreading around, there's plenty of this stuff in the environment.

This afternoon they had stool with some form to it. I sure hope we are near the end of this.


  1. Oh what a mess you have there. I'm so sorry. If it's not one thing, then it's something else. Just remember, this too shall pass. It sounds like it is now. Keep it up. You'll get them all better soon. Have you used any DE or lime to kill the germs in the barnyard? I know you've been cleaning up a storm, but diotemacious earth is good stuff. Hope all is well for you and them soon. I'm thinking good thoughts.

    1. I'll try DE. I've been putting down lots of lime.