Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Just Plugging Along

That pretty much says it all. I'm just keeping up with the day-to-day.

Magnum and Bogo have been sick. I am thinking coccidia. I have been treating them, and they seem to be recovering, but it's been a slow go. I feel like half my mornings are dedicated to their care. The other kids are fine. I put all the kids on medicated feed and ordered a coccidia treatment from Jeffers to use as a preventative on the rest of them.

The meaty chicks are already getting ugly. Another week or so and I'll move them out to a tractor. I hate cleaning up after them. We got a new bin for a brooder, but I'm afraid it's still not big enough. I have GOT to do something better about our brooding situation.

My BIL recommended a dog training book while we were at the beach. It's called How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend and it was written by some monks in NY who raise German Shepherds.

Asher is almost 6 months old and I decided to start some serious obedience training with him. Don't get me wrong, he's a very sweet and good boy, I just know he's capable of even more. We have been working on Down and Heel for 4 days now. He's about got Down mastered and is really doing well with Heel.  Every once and a while, he tries to pull the mule routine and refuses to walk, but he's learning that that's not working for him.

He's so smart! When he has these things nearly mastered, I'll introduce Stay and then the dreaded "Recall" aka Come. Pyrs are so independent, they have issues with that one. I know we'll get through it.

We still have not quite finished up 3rd grade, close, but not quite. That's making me crazy. The kids are in this groove where every time I turn my back, they're off playing Legos or something else. I try to give them a list of requirements each day and honestly, if they finish them up or don't have a task, I expect them to be reading, drawing, helping out around the farm etc. I am finding it exhausting to play policeman and truancy officer as well as mom, teacher, farmer, dogtrainer, cook and maid.

Do any of you homeschooling moms have any tips for that? My goal is to move them towards being more in charge of their own educations.


  1. Sorry to hear about your sick babies!

    As far as homeschool mom I am with you...We are planning on having to work through the summer, which we normally do not do.
    I am working on an incentive program for the summer.

    1. Let me know what you come up with. My boys are doing well. I believe they are doing at least what kids in school are doing for their grade level, but I know they are capable of so much more. I'm tired of accepting average.