Friday, August 30, 2013

Bye Bye Bogo :(

I went out to feed the boys this morning and Bogo didn't show up for his grain. I searched their enclosure and found him dead. I'm so confused. He was fine yesterday. I'd wormed him in the last couple weeks. His eyelids were pink. He didn't have diarrhea. He was eating well. You can see his little butt chowing down with the other boys in the nettles picture on yesterday's post. He's been growing. And there he lay- dead.

The bucklings decided yesterday that they do, in fact, eat nettles and cleaned up the whole stand of them. Everyone else is fine and I didn't see any sign of trauma, so I can't imagine that did him in. Hubby thinks it was a snake bite.

So weird. So sad.


  1. I had that happen and suspected the billy of killing mine, probably got his head in the horns and snap. But if you don't have any thing like that then it could just be a birth defect of some kind.

  2. Ahh, sorry to hear! That is so frustrating when you have no clue why...

  3. Sorry about the goat. Sad and confusing when you don't really know what happened.