Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Cheese

Time to bore you with more cheese. Besides homeschooling and regular farm chores, cheesemaking is about all I've been doing.

Here's a platter I brought to a friend in exchange for some of her Jersey cow milk.

Greek yogurt- Self explanatory.
Chevre- Super easy and one I like to keep around mainly for cooking. It's delicious with honey, jam, or herbs.
Crottin- I've featured this one before and it's still one of my favorites. It's a little pungent with a creamy paste and nicely goaty flavor.
Valencay- The process for this cheese is very much like the crottin, but the result is quite different. The coating of vegetable ash lends it a sweeter, milder flavor and some mushroom flavors.

Gouda- I am thrilled to have finally had success with a pressed cheese! This gouda is young so it is still very mild. It had a nice elastic curd and a salty finish. I can't wait to make some grilled cheese sandwiches.

From the fresh Jersey milk, I am making Reblochon. It ages about 6 weeks. It's supposed to have a thin orange rind and an oozy paste.

Also in the works, is a Taleggio made from goat milk. It is traditionally made from cow milk so this could be very interesting or even disastrous.  And a Lemon Spirited Goat- it is a lightly pressed cheese with a rind washed in bacterial linens and lemon-infused vodka. I couldn't resist.


  1. Oh yum! Just plain yum! I wish you would teach me how to make all those cheeses. They look SO good.