Tuesday, July 22, 2014

There Will Be Eggs Again.... Some Day

I have had an outbreak of broodiness on the farm. At last count, I have 6 hens either sitting on eggs or with chicks. When they're sitting, they're not laying!

This is the second time this leghorn mix has gone broody!

The weather is so dreary. I'm starting to lose my "get up and go". The garden needs picking and I cringe at the veggies I am sure to be losing out there. It's all I can do to brave the mud, muck, and oppressive humidity to care for the animals.

I worked on a couple indoor projects on Sunday- 2 batches of soap and bath bombs. I am very excited about the bath bombs. There is a store in Savannah that sells these for $3 each. I love them but cannot justify $3 baths. Now I have a slightly less expensive option (the ingredients still cost plenty and now I understand why they charge so much).

Asher was barking a lot in the night. I have a tractor of meat chickens out there and have seen some evidence of coons. They've eaten my cantaloupe and knocked over the chicken feed. I am a bit scared to go assess damage this morning.

Stay dry out there. I better get a move on these farm chores. They're not going to take care of themselves.

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