Sunday, May 10, 2015

Buck Pen

Two pieces of good news: First, my friend, John, got the milking machine running again. Thank you, John!

Second, the buck pen is done!

I am thrilled with the way it turned out- a far cry from the rotting, converted swingset that had been the buck shelter.

The left side is closest to the girls' enclosure. It will be used for breeding, an extra kidding pen, a place for kids, or whatever else I need an extra pen for.

Each side has an automatic waterer that I can reach to swish out through the fence in front.

There are two stalls inside with a wall in between that reaches clear to the roof to keep amorous bucks on their side. Each stall has a door on the side so the goats can access their pen.
Our builder even added cute little details to the stall doors. The front has a 4'x12' "people side" where I can store some feed and hay and not always have to be trucking it down from the main barn.
My awesome husband spent the afternoon running another row of fencing next to the cattle panels that separate the two pens. There will be no hanky panky going on through the fence now!

I still need to do a little work on water redirection to be sure it doesn't flood when it rains like it did last month!

My son helped me get some new pictures of Bubba. He's growing up so nicely.


  1. Gorgeous building ! Quite a good operation. Best wishes,

  2. That looks really nice! Wish we had a building for our bucks like that.

  3. Your hubby did good! My poor boy lives in our first ever goat shelter, which is pretty pathetic but he doesn't seem to mind as long as he's out of the rain. Our pen almost flooded this week. We had so much rain or pond was spilling over the dam. We need to build it up some more so the pond will get bigger.
    My girl kidded two weeks ago. We have our first set of twins :))))) A boy and a girl! I knew she was having twins since she got sick/off for awhile a couple months ago. I bought her a new goat mineral block, added vitamin E to her feed and she birthed just fine :))))

  4. Thanks y'all! Congratulations on the kids, Kelly! I'm hopping over to your blog hoping for pictures.