Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Buying Up Bucks

Ever since our appraisals, I have been on a mission to make some fast and serious improvements to the herd. We did well, but I want to make some serious improvements in the next couple years. The one category that the we needed work on overall was rump width. The appraiser took a look at Bubba and said that he is very strong in the rump. What a relief since I bought him last fall before he was even born!

I had planned to keep one of our homegrown bucklings to be Bubba's companion and get another buckling next spring. I had been in communication with a breeder I greatly admire and planned to put a deposit on one, but I hadn't heard back from them in weeks!

Even though I still think our homegrown fellow is an amazing buck, after appraisals I am even more eager to bring in some strong genetics- another buck as nice as Bubba. If I am going to feed two bucks, I want to feed two that I am using.

I'm not going to say more for fear of jinxing things, but this guy may be joining us here shortly.

After I'd been in contact with the breeder about buying him, I finally heard from the other breeder I'd been chatting with and put that deposit down on a buck from the herd that I admire more than any in the whole country. We will see how that turns out next spring!

The new buck shelter is going up, so these guys will have a very nice home here shortly. 

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