Friday, February 1, 2013

Pregnant Goat

I snapped this picture of Trixie last night. She has 2 months to go and I swear she's as big as a house!


  1. Which side are the babies on? I heard they are on the right. Is that looking at the goat head on or the goats right side? So in this picture are they on the right or left? The last picture I saw of a pregnant goat she was big on both sides and had quads! I'm soo confused by this!

    1. You are going to have a gazillion post views! It's me, I'm soo curious about this, and google gives me no answers!!!!

    2. Hey Kelly! This picture was taken from her back end. The rumen is on the goat's left side so they say they tend to carry the kids to the right. She just seems all around big.

      I was told that she's had triplets before. That'd be nice though I hope they aren't quads. That's just too dangerous for mama.

    3. My girl looks big on both sides. But now I can look closer at her right side and see if anything moves ☺ Can you even see them moving in there like when we're pregnant? I can't wait to get this first birth over with! I'm a nervous wreck!!!

    4. Tell me about it! I'm more nervous than I was with my human children.