Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm back from a trip to Utah. I hate to fly, but I was sorely in need of the break. The boys learned to ski while I spent a few days reading in the hairy-hide wing chair by the window. Occasionally I'd look up from my pages to see them ride the lift and come down the slope right out the window.

It was gorgeous out there. The people were so friendly.

On the way in, we sighted a moose on a mountainside. Then I saw Mitt Romney at ski school. No, I didn't give him a piece of my mind for not winning. He looked happy and relaxed with family. I was relieved for him. I imagine it'd be hard for the POTUS to take his grandson to ski school (though I have my suspicions that the current pres would just buy out the whole place for the week for his entourage at some enormous taxpayer expense).

But I digress....

I found the Wasatch Brewery and was able to get some of this yummy stuff to go. One of my dear friends had shared some with me after we butchered her chickens last spring. I've been dreaming of it since as it's not something I can get in the store here.

I managed to talk hubby out of an "I've tried Polygamy tee". Not something this wife wants her significant other sporting around town.

My MIL had me try on these boots. Aren't they gorgeous? I was glad that the 9 was a little too small or I may have been tempted. Waaaay out of my price range but I may have tried to rationalize it with the fact that lift tickets and ski school are way out of our price range and we have nothing but memories to show for that.

Returned home to more rain. And rain. And mud. Dirty eggs and dirty puppy. And neighbor's dog barking incessantly all day long when he leaves her out. Will definitely need to talk with him about that before I want to leave the windows and doors open to catch spring breezes.

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  1. While I was staring into my incubator looking at my beautiful brown eggs, I was wondering where's Kristin been? Glad you had a fun trip!