Friday, January 3, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside

As I ventured out of my bedroom this morning, I noticed this strange, bright, yellowish stuff on the floor. Oh, my goodness! It's sunshine! I haven't seen that in weeks it seems.

I got just a hint of it last night as I was trying to prepare the critters for a gusty, bitterly cold night. See the very tops of those trees?


And that's where my excitement about this day ends. It is cold out there. Bitterly cold for Georgia. And windy. And I don't own a winter coat.

I am very glad I brought the citrus in last night and I am considering rearranging the sunroom so that they can stay in the remainder of the winter. My very own orangerie.

It's a shame that the processor has had too many deer to  come get my pigs. The Porcine Princesses are really on the huge side now and have to be miserable out there. Their pen is a mud pit with all the rain we've had. I try to throw them dry bedding when it's cold, but I know it's not enough for them. They really need to go to freezer camp. I pray the processor can come get them next week.

And now I must layer up and brave the elements to care for my cold and beloved creatures. Stay warm!


  1. Stay warm! My winter coats zipper got stuck. I freaked trying to get out of that thing! I need a new one, our highs for Monday are in the teens :( We are definitely going to appreciate Spring this year.

  2. Yes, we are frozen up here in N. Ga. A friend just up the road had a frozen hen this morning. So sad. Layer up girl, and stay warm!