Monday, January 27, 2014

Is It Still January?

Not much to say. I'm tired of January. I'm tired of cold. I'll stop complaining now.

Jeff brought home deer Friday. We spent the weekend butchering them. Today I need to can the stock.

The meaty birds are getting huge and eating way too much. They need to be butchered, but with the bad weather coming, I don't know when we'll get it done. Two of them went lame and I had to butcher them on Saturday. They were the smallest of the bunch and came in at 3.5lb and 4.5lb. I'm thinking the rest of them will be around 5lb.

It looks like we'll be having more ducklings too. I'm not sure what this mama is thinking setting eggs in this weather, but more power to her, I guess. I hope the ducklings make it when they hatch. 

Oh, and do boys ever stop making noise? My goodness, it's not even noon and I feel like pulling my hair out with all the sound effects and musings that have nothing to do with school. 

This winter needs to end.

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  1. And now we get freezing rain and snow and back down into the teens overnight. But I'll stop complaining.....