Monday, February 24, 2014


I heard cheeping when I let the silkies out this morning and found a poor little bird in a half-smashed egg. I brought her inside and started to gently pull the shrink-wrapped membrane off with plenty of warm water. 

Once released, the boys and I put the baby in the incubator and quickly heated it with my hairdryer. She's up and about now and nearly dried off. I really hope she makes it. We have had the worst luck with silkies. I'd estimate that 80% of the chicks have died in their first 48 hours of life. It gets so depressing throwing out so many dead peepers. I hope this little one makes it!


  1. Aww....So cute! Fingers crossed for it. Please show us another pic of it up and around!

  2. Baby Silkies are so tiny and cute!!! I had two half Silkie half bantam Cochins several months ago. Cutest things. They both have mohawks :)
    Good job on saving the little cutie!