Monday, February 3, 2014

Two Days of Sun....

....and I can crack one eye and sneak out of hibernation. It is truly a blessing that I don't live somewhere colder than Georgia.

The snow that shut down Atlanta last week shut us up at home. The young bucks (human, caprine, and canine) loved it. I was content to watch through the window.

It was interesting to see all of the tracks from the various vermin we have in these parts. I especially could not believe the sheer number of coyote tracks.  There were at least two animals up by the chicken tractor. I am doubly glad to have Asher protecting my goats.

Now I know who ate all my onions.... Can you identify these tracks?

Poor Onyx's back feet hurt her in the cold. She refused to get on the stand for her breakfast. Her hooves are fine and she has no swelling. I'm at a loss.

The chickens and deer all got processed, so I have a freezer full of meat. The pigs should be done soon!

I am nearly done with my second pair of knit socks. These came out so nice!

I started a "Colorwork" pair. It's a challenge to hold two yarns at the same time. Unfortunately, it's too small and I'm going to have to rip it out and try again. At least I was able to learn to knit "Continental" style on it. To knit with two colors, you feed one yarn from the left hand "Continental" style and the other from the right hand "English" style. 

I laid it over machine-made sock. You can see how much too small it is.

Now I'm just waiting for spring and baby goats! A little over a month to go now.


  1. Whew!! January is finally over and February is SHORT! I love your socks.

  2. We had some big animal tracks going all the way around the chicken pen it looked like it was chasing a rabbit.
    My guess is a squirrel ate your onions?
    Poor Onyx :( Maybe arthritis of some sort? Hope she gets better.
    Impressive socks!!!!!