Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kids Everywhere

How many kids can you fit in half a doghouse? I counted seven. 
Kat wants to know what they're doing up under there. We have had a cold snap here (cold for middle Georgia). I'm glad they have a place to snuggle up and get warm.  
It's not too cold to go out and play though.   This is Bliss playing king (queen) of the mountain.
What is it with the little ones that they have such big personality? Here's Bliss playing with my keeper doeling, Ysabel.
This is one of Ysa's brothers. I may just have to keep him too. We will see what Magnum's daughter's udders look like next month and then decide. Ysa and Rand have another brother who is looking for a good home. SG Krisscross Mack Constance 1*M X Raven's Haven Nik Magnum. 
Lovely gave us one big son. She is/was so huge, I really could not believe there weren't more babies in that belly. This is the first time she's been allowed to raise her own kids, and she is very proud of this one. 
Maddy has grown quite a beautiful first freshener udder. I was not planning to keep her or her two doelings, but I may have to reconsider. 
Scilla is in the kidding stall right now. It is 22 degrees out. I hope she waits until the mercury raises above freezing. I was also considering selling her this spring, but now her gorgeous udder is starting to fill, the fridge and freezer are empty of milk, and I'm starting to have second thoughts.

Saturday or Sunday, depending on the weather, I'll start locking some of the kids away at night so I can milk the moms. It may have to be only Maddy for a while as the next two who kidded are both nursing triplets. I'm not sure they have much to spare.

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