Friday, February 13, 2015

Population Explosion

I'm sorry I haven't made it on here with an update all week. Trixie delivered her triplets at 2:30 Monday morning. Two girls and a boy. Mama and kids are doing great. 

I am so thankful she and the kids made it through it this time. I feel like God gave us a do-over and we pulled it off!
This is Maddy's Olivia using Trixie as a jungle gym!
Not to be outdone, Kat gave us a set of triplets last night. 2 boys and a girl. She made me wait a full hour after having the two boys to spit her out. I was beginning to get really disappointed thinking she was done. This baby girl will be staying with us!

Next up, Scilla on 2/17 and Lovely on 2/22. Neither of them has a huge udder yet, so we have time.

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