Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wrapping Up February

The only thing February has going for it is that it's short. We ran out of firewood, so had the boys and their friends split a bunch. It's a bit green, but better than nothing. Although, now I'm going to have to have the chimney cleaned this summer.
Scilla had her babies on the coldest day of the year.  I was out there in 20 degrees drying twin boys with a hair dryer. I know it's the buck that determines the sex, but Scilla has only given me one girl in 3 years. And she died. 
This black buckling is the biggest kid ever born here. He must have been 12lbs! He and his brother left this morning for their new home. She is crying for them, but I couldn't justify pouring a gallon a day into them for the next 3 months to get them weaned. I'd never sell them for what all that milk is worth, even with papers.
They are going to a husband and wife in Alabama who are excited to get into goats. These boys will be a good place to start.  
This is Olivia and she is for sale. If she doesn't go on a bottle in the next week or so, she will stay here until she's weaned, although she will cost more once she's weaned. 
She's starting to nibble hay and is checking out the waterer. 
This is her dam's first freshener udder. I'd contemplated selling Maddy because she's a bit high in the hips, but I may just have to keep her now. This udder is amazing and she is well behaved on the stand. 
It's been pretty mucky here with all the rain. I got the worst of it cleaned up this morning and have the callouses to  prove it. I had to quit when the goats all decided they wanted to stand in the new dry spot leaving me no room to work. 

Just a couple more weeks until we get more kids. Opal is due 3/14. I can't wait to see an udder on Magnum's daughter!

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