Monday, February 2, 2015

Toxemia- Again

I feel like we are right back where we were two years ago. Trixie was off her feed this morning so I checked her ketone levels and they were elevated. I started her on Propylene glycol and then we had plans all afternoon and evening. 
I hated to lock her in a stall, it's good for them to move about when they have this, but I needed to put her where all the other goats couldn't eat her goodies. 
When I got home about 8:30, her levels were even more elevated. I gave her more Propylene glycol and was actually able to get her to eat a good bit of Mr. Harry's clover hay, a small amount of cracked corn, and a bit of Chaffhaye. I hope I can get her back on her feed!

My vet gave me some Dexamethasone, so  worse case, I will induce her in a couple of days. 150 days gestation is Feb. 16.

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