Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mechanical Failure

The milking machine has been on the fritz this week. This is already a stressful week with the farmers market starting Saturday and Linear Appraisals on Sunday. 

I have broken it down twice. I have called the manufacturer and followed the steps they suggested. Last night it was acting as sluggish as ever and barely built up eight pounds of pressure. I've been awake since 6:30 trying to psych myself to go out there and break it down again. The fact that it poured rain again yesterday and everything is a soggy mess once more, is putting a damper on my get-up-and-go. That and it's chilly outside this morning. Brr. Poor naked goaties. 

My coffee is finished, so I have no more excuses. Pray I can get it functioning properly. Eight goats is really more than I can reasonably handmilk. This whole mess has got me thinking about who to sell. 

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