Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Butchering Bucklings

I found this interesting post on butchering bucklings.

I went to the processor's this week to see how much they wanted to butcher my 3 boys since I've had no interest on Craigslist. They said $40 each but would cut a deal if I have them do all three. I will keep them at least a few more months to breed Ike to Scilla and Abe to Phoebe before sending them off.

Some places I read said they're tasty any time before they're a year old but I am interested in feed conversion too. I'd like to get them to about 60 lb. I figure that may be about 30lb bone-in weight and I'm good with $2 a pound.

Does anybody have any experience sending their dairy goats for processing?

I sold my mini-mancha Fawn this week. I was really hoping to sell April, but I can't blame her for falling for Fawn. I've fallen for Fawn. Bogo will be going with Fawn as a companion. With freezer camp plans for the Alpine boys, Fawn's sister April is the only kid I have left to sell.

Onyx with her babies, Fawn and "Mini Me" April.

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  1. Never had my goats butchered but that is a good price, as here, lambs, goats, or game are a minimum of $90 to cut and wrap.