Monday, July 8, 2013

Stop Bullying

All this because he didn't roll his window down more?


  1. Typical power hungry cops. They should all loose their jobs for breaking the law, but of course nothing is going to happen to them. Even when they do get in trouble, they just pay them to sit at home. ooooo paid leave. Some kinda punishment.
    I miss Andy Griffith.


  2. This is the price of having trickle down tyranny. The White House diverts the plane of a president of a South American country on the off chance Edward Snowden is riding on that plane, in a blatantly illegal action. Right down the line everyone from FEMA to the IRS and the TSA think the public is here to be their own personal cattle. They are public servants and are there to promote the public safety. Are you listening NSA ?

  3. Yes, Jane, they are. Welcome to the list.