Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bonfire Success

I finally just did it. I've been thinking about doing a bonfire for a month. I'm such a poor planner, I knew if I didn't just start calling people, it wasn't going to happen, so we had an impromptu bonfire last night and it was great! I have wonderful friends, family, and neighbors. I'd forgotten that as hostess, you don't really get to eat or take pictures, so this pre-party pic is all I've got. Thanks, y'all for coming.

In farm news, I think Phoebe is pregnant. I haven't been out yet this morning (little Fawn is yelling for me now) but yesterday was day 22 and she showed no sign of heat. Last month she cycled after 19 days. That makes 2 Alpine bucks to find homes for. All these goats are costing me way too much in feed.

Phoebe also twisted her knee a couple days ago. I've been worried about her, but she seems to be putting more weight on it today. Now I just need these Lamanchas pregnant- particularly Kat who aborted last fall. After milking a quart a day all through the last year, she's down to about a cup now. I should really just dry her up.

Coffee's done and I better go start caring for these critters if I'm to make it to late church even. It felt so good to sleep last night, I just didn't get up.

ADD moment- my BFF made me a latte when we visited her farm Thursday afternoon. It was the best darn latte I've ever had and I have been craving one since. I'm going to have to break out the espresso machine and ask her what kind of coffee she used. The foamy milk on the top of the jars each morning keeps bringing it to mind. The Crack of Coffee, girl. Thanks a lot.

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  1. Sure had a great time last night! Great party. Good time. Thank you.