Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hi Peeps!

I enlisted the help of my son to climb up into the loft to check on Lucky. She'd nested in the far back corner of the loft. The only way to get there is to scale a mountain of hay.

Cole made it back there and heard peeping! I didn't think the chicks were due yet. She must have been sitting a lot longer than I thought. He managed to pass me the chicks and unhatched eggs, which I put in a bucket. Then he grabbed Lucky. There's no way the chicks would survive up there. The only food and water is a 10 foot drop down. I'm glad we checked today.

Today is day 26 on Scilla. I think it's safe to say she's pregnant so I listed Ike for sale. He's such a looker, I really hope he sells- seems a shame to turn such a pretty boy into tacos. If anyone is looking for a herd sire, please check him out and forward his info around. ADGA #A001634283

And more tree frogs! They're just everywhere. I love it!

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