Friday, November 1, 2013


I have a little persimmon tree growing under a huge tulip poplar. It has produced fruit for a couple of years now, but for some reason I'd never tried it. Maybe it was all the tales I heard of the fruits being astringent. Maybe it was the fact that these persimmons are only about an inch and a half across unlike the fist-sized fruits at the grocery store.

I finally decided to try one, and guess what? They (I continued to eat everything ripe on the tree) were really good! They taste sweet and perfume-y.

I hope my little tree keeps growing so I will have enough of these things to actually do something with. I really should go hunting the woods for more persimmon trees. And mushrooms- I'm determined to find another lions mane.

But not today. It is raining today. Good for mushrooms, but I feel bad for the pigs. They still don't have any shelter to keep dry. Maybe I'm too much of a softy, but I can't imagine they like to be wet all day.

A rainy day is actually a good thing, it takes most of my outdoor projects off the table so I have to focus on things inside- like getting to the bottom of this kitchen! I got all the dishes done, but I have 2 dozen eggs to clean and heaps of stuff to put away.

I had an order for cheese yesterday. She is coming to pick it up this afternoon and I need this place looking presentable!

Off to milk to goats. With Halloween yesterday, I skipped last night's milking too. I guess we are officially on once a day milking now. I hope production doesn't slip too much.


  1. I want persimmon trees. I've never tried one, my mil has them on their weekend property and I asked her to bring me some but she says the deer eat all the reachable ones :/

    Last week I started milking my girl once a day (mornings) and she got an upset stomach for about four days. I remembered your post about leaves and gave her a ton. She's better now, her poo is back to normal, and her teats aren't about to explode in the mornings :)

    My house is constantly neglected. Your kitchen sounds like mine, lol! Eggs on the counter waiting to be cleaned and put up, dishes, dishes and more dishes. My husband said I really don't take care of the house as well as I used to. He's right. My barn and goat pen get swept every day, my house maybe once a week LOL!!!!

  2. Do your persimmons have seeds? Mine do. I was going to make some jam and didn't clean them as well as I should have. I just put them through the food mill and got all kinds of crud in the pulp. Plus the seeds were pretty big too. And the recipe called for 3 pounds of persimmons. I know there are several kinds of them. Really wanted to make the spiced persimmon jam too.

  3. Mine have large seeds too. I have to suck the fruit off them and spit them out. I imagine they'd be a challenge to clean.