Thursday, April 3, 2014

2 Weeks to Go

My poor girl isn't due until April 19th. She's miserable. I have never seen a goat so huge before. She is literally a yard across- and that's when she's standing up! If Betty Buttercup popped out two and hardly looked pregnant, what's in this belly?!

Her udder is starting to fill a little now. I feel terrible for her when the kids use her as a playground. Little hooves can't feel good on that belly.

I got over a gallon and a half this morning! There's a pot of feta on the stove.  


  1. Poor thing she's huge!!!!!! My girl has 20 days left she's twice the size she was last year but nothing like your girl :)))))))
    Wow that's a lot of milk!!! Feta sounds good. I need to try making different cheeses this year. I got pretty good at chevre so I stuck with it :)

  2. betty buttercup will have her babies on a full moon,that always worked for me...LOL