Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Kidding Complete

Kat wrapped up kidding season with girl/boy twins this morning.

She was showing signs of labor last night but about 10pm quit contacting and settled down to sleep. I went to bed. 

Asher awakened me barking at the house at 5:40. I knew he was telling me kids were coming. He did the same thing when Scilla kidded before dawn. I ignored him then and missed it. This time I was wiser and listened to my dog. I really need to stop underestimating him- he is an amazing animal. 

When I got out there, the doeling was just getting to her feet. I was there for the buckling's birth.

This is the doeling. She will be joining Onyx and Buttercup's doelings and staying here. I will reassess who stays and goes after kidding next spring. 

And this is the boy. He will need a new home. They both still need names. 

I need to redo some disbudding on the two Alpine bucklings. They are the hardest to disbud! I'm not looking forward to that. 


  1. too cute!
    We have one more doe to go.
    We have disbudding to do tonight :(
    Congrats on a successful 2014 kidding year!

  2. Yay! Kidding season is over! Now sleep can resume! I know my sister likes it when kidding is done.
    Congrats on the kids! Sure are cute.

  3. Beautiful animals you have . Do you ever read Pioneer Preppy's blog. He raises lambs and he sells them to butchers. I know this is how it works, but I couldn't do it.

  4. How cute! The little doe looks just like Mirabella. They could be twins.