Monday, April 21, 2014

Go Trixie Go

Trixie's girls went to their new home on Saturday. Their new owners seem like really nice people and I know that they will take good care of Cheery and Gleeful.

Meanwhile, Trixie has decided to milk for me. She did really well the evening of the milk test and then seemed to hold up in the morning.

Last night she looked like she was going to explode and milked nearly 3 quarts! You have to understand, Trixie is a mini-mancha. She only comes up to about mid-thigh on me. She held up some again this morning, but I think after another couple days with the girls gone, she will be milking just as well morning and night.

That's got me at about 3 gallons a day right now. Most the goats still have their kids on them during the day and I haven't started milking Kat yet. Phoebe and her kids should be moving to their new home this week and I should be getting Star from Florida next week.

I am still planning to sell Onyx. She did better with the machine yesterday and then was awful this morning. I hadn't planned to sell her until after my beach vacation, but if this continues she may go sooner. If y'all know anyone who is interested in a pure bred lamancha doe in milk, send them my way. Just let them know she will need to be hand milked unless they're better goat trainers than I am.

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  1. I would never have thought people traded and bought goats over such distances. I guess people must drive up and get the goats they buy, since I can't think how you could ship them.