Friday, April 4, 2014

I'll Admit It...

...I have a problem. I'm addicted to goats. I just can't seem to get enough. There should be a "GA", like "AA" or "NA".

Anyway, here's our newest addition- Tickles Me Pink Comin'Atcha. We are calling her Alice.
She's a first freshener. She just freshened on Saturday and is milking about 6lb a day. Pretty good for a first timer, and she'll still pick up more this season.

And she's mine. All mine. Every drop of her milk is going to my family. Yes, I'm going to be that way. I need to remember to pay myself first.

Her breeder sold her because her teats aren't centered. I'm okay with that. She's practically perfect in every other way. :)

So Phoebe will be leaving us in the next couple of weeks. Star and our new buckling, Deuce, should be here end of April. My plan is 10 milkers, 2 bucks. If Kat gives me a girl, that will give us 10.


  1. You seem to like goats the way I like ferrets. In the last year, I lost some of my ferrets to old age and to ill health. I am going down to Atlanta soon, to see if they have some special needs ferrets who could use a home. Animals are good friends.

  2. maybe you should induce her, when it gets that close and she looks so uncomfortable and cant stand she probably has 4 in there. Looking for a visit to your farm

    1. She's uncomfortable, but still up fighting for her share of the treats. I'm going to wait her out- she's doing fine. She needs her back hooves trimmed badly, but can't really balance on 3 feet. They're just going to have to wait.

    2. i use o love cutting their hooves, I still have my shears...Let us know how well she does...

  3. You can come do mine! I hate doing it. Especially Onyx. She kicks me so hard!