Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Enough Phony Outrage

I am so incredibly sick of all these little kids being suspended and interrogated for toy guns, for inappropriate use of toys, for paper "guns", or even for going bang bang with their fingers!

Have these people gone completely mad? Little Jimmy and Susie Kindergartners are now terror threats? My heart goes out for these children who must be very confused and upset that they're in so much trouble for doing something so normal.

I notice that most of these reports come out of the Northeast. Is that simply a function of their proximity to Sandy Hook or a matter of the overwhelming big-government, nanny state mindset up there? I contend it's the latter.

Sandy Hook was a tragedy perpetrated by a sick man. Instead of recognizing it for what it was, the deaths of those children are being used to push this administration's unconstitutional agenda. And if a few little kindergartners get harassed in the process, it's for the greater good, right?

Stories like these make me thank the Lord that I am able to homeschool.

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  1. I thought the same thing when Sandy Hook shooting happened, home schooling moms are lucky. It was hard taking my daughter to school that next Monday. I started crying when she got out of the car and was a nervous wreck all day. I agree with you on the political hog wash also!!! It's sickening!