Monday, January 14, 2013

They're Here!

I know I've been saying that I'm getting two Alpine goats. I think people were starting to doubt me, but they're finally here! Their breeder texted Sunday that they were both pregnant and I am tickled pink!

Here is Phoebe (I changed their names a tiny little bit):

And this is Scilla:

My sweet boys dragged the Christmas tree down so they could browse through the fence while they get to know the other goats.

Buddy, our rent-a-buck, thought I brought the girls for him to play with. He hasn't quite gotten the message that they're already knocked up.

We put Onyx in with them for a little while and that went quite well. So the boys decided to try Kat too. Bad idea. Buddy sneaked in while they were bringing Kat in and Kat will do whatever is necessary to maintain her position as herd queen. Much chaos ensued until we were able to first chase Buddy out, then lead both senior does out.

I know there will be a little fighting as they establish rank, but I do not want roughness to lead to miscarriages. And, well, they just don't need what Buddy has in mind for them.

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