Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gratuitous Puppy Pictures

Things are going will with Stone (I think the name is gonna stick though part of me wants to call him Asher).

He whimpers a little bit when we leave him, but otherwise seems content to be in the barn with the goats. Unfortunately, he's still small enough to squeeze through the fence- and has on a few occasions. That won't last much longer I'm sure.

A pallet makes a great chew toy.

"Did you see that, Mom? I got it, I got it. I showed that woody thing who was boss."

We did some practice with the leash this morning and he actually started walking around on it. Baby steps, I know.

I am terrified of screwing things up with him after our nightmare experience rescuing a dog. Basically, she was a bit of a nightmare dog. I am reading all I can online, but I would welcome any tips or suggestions anyone may have.


  1. Oh cuteness!! Gotta love a puppy!!
    I don't really have any tips, but I think puppies are easier to start out with, and to train. Good luck!

  2. Do the obedience, but I would strongly recommend NOT doing playtime with him...we did that with ours and she never bonded with the goats. With "Puppy" (gosh, I like the name Asher!) we literally put him with the baby goats and left him as a puppy. I didn't even worry about obedience until later. I was the only one allowed to feed Puppy, and no one was allowed to play with him. He bonded so strongly with the goats that he will take on an 1800lb Clydesdale if he thinks "his" goats are threatened!

    1. We ended up going with the name Asher.

      Thanks for the tips!

      He seems to be bonding well with the goats. Yesterday he cuddled up with Buddy a few times and he doesn't whine when I leave him anymore.

      I've been going up there about 3 times a day- twice to milk and once to get a puppy fix because I can't stand it! I've been putting the leash on him once a day (I need him to be leash trained for vet visits) and doing some correction when he occasionally chases a chicken.

      When did you start with obedience? Does Puppy know the basics now?