Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring is Just Around the Bend

One nice thing about living in the south is that winter doesn't last long.  This is the first daffodil of the year. The buds are getting fat on many of the others too. Last year, the first daffodil was on December 31. I never could decide if it was the first daffodil of the year or the last.

I have a tradition of sending a picture of the year's first daffodil to a friend in Michigan. Today I got a "phftt" in reply. Perhaps that's cruel of me, but I just can't resist.

One of my peach trees has popped it's buds and the apple tree is starting to bloom. Last year the apples were ripe in June! The blueberry buds are swelling though the two oldest bushes don't seem to have many flowers this year.  I'm hoping for no late freezes.

Phoebe and Scilla are settling in well. I just love them to pieces. I need to get my disbudding iron and other kidding supplies ordered. That may have to be the plan for the evening.

I am also drying Trixie up starting today. I have a couple more weeks before it's absolutely necessary, but she's practically dried herself up anyway.

I had some issues with Asher yesterday, but a few dominance exercises seem to have turned him around today. Perhaps he was just tired of the cold, wet, and gray too. It's still cold today, but doesn't seem nearly so bad with the sun shining.

Oh, and the sun sets at 6:00 today!


  1. So what are your dominance excercises? My buck is being horrible, trying to head butt me and he hurts. And he's still stinky.

    I have some daffodills about to pop too! It was beautiful today.

    1. The one that the pup has responded wonderfully to is to put him on his back in your lap and pet his belly twice a day. It's changed his behavior right around and he likes getting his belly rubbed too!

      Unfortunately, I don't think it will work with stinky bucks. I'd have to google some ways to deal with that- it doesn't sound pleasant.

      He still have Buddy here and fortunately, he's a nice little guy. I hope the buckling we get this spring is as nice as him.

  2. Nope that is not nice to talk about how short your winters are. Much less the beautiful flowers that a starting to bloom... Not at all ;)