Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Back in October, we traded one of my husband's customers 6 chickens for venison. I was not sure exactly how much venison we'd get but figured if nothing else, it would help his business.

Yesterday, he brought home 3 huge does! One had been 131 lbs. They were already hung, aged and quartered.

So far we've managed to process 3 of the hindquarters into stew meat and hamburger and get the backstraps and tenders frozen.

These are the little tenders (and my finger). Apparently, you don't get them if you bring the deer to the processors. I've never gotten one!

Here are Dad and Hubby working my grandmother's old Universal Grinder. We separated most the fat out for sausage.

Now you know how I'll be spending my New Year's Day.

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  1. HOly guacamole that is awesome!! Sounds like a great trade to me.