Friday, January 4, 2013

Our New Addition and Venison Stock

This is our newest little (for now) addition. He's a great pyrenees pup we got to be a livestock guardian dog (LGD). With the investment I have in the goats, I cannot bear the thought of losing one to a coyote.

The little guy is in a stall in the barn tonight. I made the mistake of going to check on him about 8:30 and he cried the whole time I walked back to the house. Note to self- that was a mistake.

I hope he settles in okay. This is the first night away from his mama and he's pretty much on his own. I did a supervised introduction with the goats and Kat still managed to give him a good head butt. I know that will go on until he learns his place in the herd, but he's still so small, I don't want them to hurt him.

I have also been working on all this venison stock. I have 21 quarts of it canned so far and one more batch to go.

My mom's harvest gold pressure canner.

And don't forget the deer jerky!


  1. Puppy is so cute! Wow! All that stock! So great to have.

  2. I'm dieing missing you right now! Catching up on your blog :) Deer Jerky is my all time FAV!! Way to go on all the venison stock!