Sunday, August 12, 2012

Big Butcher Day

Our second butcher day was a resounding success. I especially need to thank all my helpers- friends and family. This could not have gone down without you.

We processed and packaged 50 birds in about 6 hours. Hardly a record, but I could not be happier. It rained Friday night, so Jeff and I had to get everything set up on Saturday morning. The first bird did not get killed until almost 9:30.

The atmosphere was like a barn raising. People learning, kids playing. The weather was unseasonably cool. God came through and all of the birds sold. I wish now that I'd had the faith to order more 4 weeks ago. It will be 8 weeks until I have more ready and will process every 4 weeks after that though I'm only going to do 30 birds at a time. 50 has just been too much work these last few weeks and was a stretch to get done on Saturday.

Here are some pics. Thank you again to everyone who came out and made it such a success.

That's me with the boots and my hand inside a chicken.

Jeff manning the scalding pot.

Off to the chill tank with you, little guy.

This batch had some pin feathers we had to pull out by hand - or with needle nosed pliers.

Scroll past the next picture quickly if you're squeamish.

This dude is draining getting ready to be bagged.

Here they are bagged and ready to be shrunk.

Finally, bagged, shrunk, weighed, labeled and ready for pick-up.

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