Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Ducky

Clyde and Clay enjoyed their fresh water last night. And despite my son's comment, it had only been two days since I'd cleaned it.

Monday, we had to get out the door to a doctor's appointment. I was trying to get my hair dry and makeup on when Chase yelled, "Mom, the meaty birds are out". I looked out the window and sure enough, there was a flock of white chickens on the neighbor's side of the stream.

We rushed outside and followed the birds up to my neighbor's house. All the time I'm thinking the neighbors are going to love having my chickens tearing up their landscaping and pooping on their pool deck!

The birds beelined for their backyard. I had one of the kids go knock on the door in case they were home to explain why we were prowling in the backyard. About this time, I saw that the white birds had black on their wings. Check the picture a couple posts down- ours are all white. Then I saw the coop. We had just gone on a wild chicken chase after our neighbor's chickens!

We made it to our appointment on time, though I got to go with wet hair, and we learned a valuable lesson to go check the pen to make sure our birds are missing first!

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