Thursday, August 16, 2012

Once a Day

I'm intrigued by this milker. Works for goats too...only $50. May have to get one.

With homeschooling back in session, I have to take some things off of my plate. The first was the bobwhite quail. I released them last week though they still hang out around the farm. Suddenly I like them again!

The other is going to be milking two times a day. When I got the goats, I'd planned on milking once a day. That was one big advantage they had over cows! Since I've had them, I've been milking at least twice a day to try to provide milk to everyone who wants it and have some for myself.

I can't do it anymore. Starting today, milking will be once a day. Now instead of milking, I'm going to go make my kids some whole wheat pancakes (with our milk, grain and eggs of course)!

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