Monday, August 27, 2012

Low on Leche

In a perfect world, I would have all the milk everyone wanted and plenty for us to make yogurt, and cheeses, sour cream and kefir. Unfortunately, nature doesn't always cooperate.

Kat is drying up and is only giving about a pint a day now. Trixie is still a milk machine and Onyx is a first timer, so I can't expect too much from her, but she is holding her own with almost a quart (and that's from just one teat, good girl!). I will have much more milk after they freshen in the spring, but until then, I need to be freezing some milk for my family so I won't have to buy it *shudder*.

My friend Dave and his family came on Saturday and we implanted a CIDR in Kat to have her ready to breed in two weeks. That means kids around February 9!!! Love this handy goat gestation calendar I just found.

We are going to breed Onyx in October and Trixie in November so with a little luck, I'll always have someone milking. You can't milk a goat for the last 2 months of gestation because the kids need the energy to grow. I don't see our supply going up again until spring.

I am very, very sorry that I can't provide for all the families who have come to enjoy our milk. We may increase the herd to 4 goats next year. We are still learning. Thanks for growing with us.

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